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Up the Down Escalator: Medicine, Motherhood, and Multiple Sclerosis

A memoir of triumph in the face of a terrifying . Recounting before and after the discovery of her MS, she chronicles vexing symptoms while trying to be an attentive mother, wife, and a caring family doctor.diagnosis, Up the Down Escalator recounts Dr. Lisa Doggett's startling shift from doctor to patient, as she learns to live with multiple sclerosis while running a clinic for uninsured patients in central Austin

Praise for Up the Down Escalator

"...[Lisa's] testimony validates those living with chronic illnesses while offering hope in the form of new and proactive avenues toward symptom management. Readers struggling with MS (or careerdom and motherhood) will find much to ponder and appreciate in Doggett's candid perspective. An affecting account of living fully with a difficult disease."

- Kirkus Reviews


"Lisa Doggett's thoughtful new memoir, Up the Down Escalator, offers rare and vital insights into a health care system that continues to leave too many behind."

 Stacey Abrams, political leader, voting rights activist, and New York Times bestselling author


"To grab at our gut, a memoir must be fearless and unflinchingly honest. Funny helps, too. Doggett delivers, and how."
Julie Powell, New York Times bestselling author of Julie and Julia


"Dr. Lisa Doggett offers the consistent luminescence of compassion and hopefulness along with a much-needed vision for a more humane healthcare system. It is truly inspirational!"
Ron Pollack, chair emeritus, formerly founding executive director, Families USA


"Dr. Doggett's memoir speaks to all of us of that fragility of our human experience buoyed by the profound discovery of the power of our human spirit through love and our inner determination. A beautiful read!"
David W. Willis, MD, FAAP, Senior Fellow, Center for the Study of Social Policy, Director for the Nurture Connection Initiative


"To have a doctor understand and share the exam table side of the doctor-patient relationship is rare and eye-opening. A must read for doctors and patients alike."
Lisa Sailor, MS and disability activist


"In Up The Down Escalator, Dr. Lisa Doggett shows us the power of love and purpose against the odds of a disease that does not discriminate and a healthcare system that does."
Léorah Freeman, MD, PhD, Neurologist and MS specialist, Dell Medical School, The University of Texas at Austin


"One does not have to have MS to be inspired by this book and how Doggett shares her challenges with clarity, transparency and humility."
Joy H. Selak, PhD, author of You Don't LOOK Sick! Living Well with Invisible Chronic Illness and CeeGee's Gift


"Dr. Doggett's memoir is a powerful story that motivates readers to live with empathy and courage. It inspires hope and brings about understanding for those who courageously live with MS."

Sheldon Metz, MS Warrior and activist 


"What made me truly love this book, was Lisa's candor about both living with MS and the struggles of juggling her career as a physician and being a mother. The real look into her life was captivating, and I wish I could keep reading as her life continues."
Sierra Bailey, MS activist, author, and artist


"There is a great credibility when Dr. Doggett tells a patient 'I understand.' This [memoir] has encouraged me as a person with MS, just to know a practicing physician truly gets it!"
— Micah Love, MS warrior, activist, and author