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Multiple sclerosis and the National MS Society: A physician-turned-patient’s perspective

Earlier this fall, I finally got the MRI I'd been putting off due to COVID-19. No changes compared to 2016. Yay!!

I woke up dizzy on a Monday morning in November, 11 years ago. I didn't think much of it, and I went to work, as usual, at my small community clinic in Central Austin. But as the week wore on and my symptoms persisted, without any explanation, I began to worry. When I started to have mild diplopia and taste changes, I needed to seek care. A neurologist examined me and told me I was probably okay, but my dizziness continued. A few days later, after noting subtle nystagmus during my otherwise normal exam, a savvy ENT doctor ordered the MRI, revealing my diagnosis: multiple sclerosis...


Continue reading on the Texas Academy of Family Physicians blog: https://www.tafp.org/blog/ms-resources


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