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What You Need to Know About Fall Vaccines: Flu, COVID-19 and RSV

Having MS can sometimes feel like a full-time job. Over the last few weeks, I had to establish care with a new clinic and MS neurologist (my long-time neurologist just retired from patient care), get biannual labs, get an MRI and make arrangements for my next infusion.


As usual, it wasn't a smooth process. This time, the hospital where I went for the MRI was under construction — I was late because the old parking garage had been demolished. Then the lab orders contained a nonexistent code that took way too long to sort out. I had to call my new doctor's office and hand over my cell phone to the lab staff person so the nurse could explain what was needed.


And I'm still not done. My next order of business is one of the most important — get recommended fall vaccines...


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Coping with Uncertainty

Uncertainty is one of life's inevitabilities. And we all cope with it and accept it – more or less. But a chronic disease like MS can raise that level of uncertainty to a new level - to scary, unfamiliar territory. MS is especially unpredictable with a wide range of symptoms and rates of progression. My diagnosis left me reeling. I didn't know how to get on with my life with the added uncertainty of MS...


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